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Indonesia - Bali and Komodo- tour on board the "MV Pindito", August 2011

19 dives or 23 hours under water in paradies, Bali- and Komodo excursions

During the BOOT 2011 we start planning an Indonesia CCR diving trip with our friends TED from Swizzerland.

Arrival: Berlin-Frankfurt with Air Berlin, Frankfurt- Denpassar via Kuala Lumpur with Malysia Airlines

Sentinel head at carry on lugage, Sofnolime transportation with TED via air cargo, uw videohousing in suitcase, Sentinel-travelframe without tanks at second suitcase

Accessibility/ Entrance: easy, Sentinel predive on board, than going down to the Zodiac with the back mounted gear. Stage hucked up in the water. After the dive: climbing a short ladder back in the Zodiac - also with the back mounted Sentinels going back at the Pindito.

Time Slot: 3 to 4 dives per day possible

Fillings: air, Nitrox, oxygen- booster, 3 liter tank rental and short 40cf stages, no Helium

Maximum Depth: approx. 40 m, no deko allowed- rules of Pindito diving

Details: Komodo National Park

  • separate entrance fee
  • beautiful riff diving, filming possible in makro format up to manta rays - everything to watch and film is possible
  • Tobias and Eva film with UV light at night dives - amazing footage!
  • We also giving the GoPro a go in hard current - filming huge table coral areas, pinnacles and Manta rays very close
  • Very special thanks to our dive guides Bob, Mike und Marko and of course to the crew of the Pindito!
  • The atmosphere on board is very organized. Schedule for food , sleeping, diving and relaxing very on time!
  • We enjoy spectacular sunsets, smoking volcanos, bats and water skiing...

Bali Tours: We booked Alit Suendra from Bali Private Tours a summit sunrise climbing to the highest volcano of Bali, the "Agung".

He is very punctual on time. On the way we see the beauty of Bali with his rice fields and temples. Alit speaks perfect German and know at all questions a propper answer.

We stay over night in a cleen and new lodge and taking time for time laps shots with our Canon Mark5. Our peak ascent begins at 2:00 in the morning. We puff like a grampus and staying happy on time to see the sunrise at the Agung.

To days later we meet Alit Suendra again: sight seeing tour to the volcano lake "Batur", the temple "Tannah Lot" and rich blooming angel trumpet bushes! This cannot be beaten!

Summary: very amazing tour, - our Sentinels where working perfect, super service on board of the Pindito, amazing and untouched corral riffs, Bali impresses with pristine areas and nature.

Very special Thank you to Alit Suendra, our private tour guide in Bali!

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Indonesia - Tour Map

Indonesia - at the Pindito with TED

Indonesia - Oliver

Indonesia - Volcano Sangeang

Indonesia - at Sangeang

Indonesia - Alit Suendra, Brigitte Bergmann

Indonesia - Volcano Agung, at the peak

Indonesia - angel trumpets

Indonesia - Komodo Dragon

Indonesia - Oli with GoPro

Indonesia - whipe coral

Indonesia - sponges

Indonesia - stone fish

Indonesia - lion fish

Indonesia - bubbles of the volcano Sangeang

Indonesia - stone fish- pale guy

Indonesia - star gazer

Indonesia - Komodo Dragon