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Cave Diving Australia

Iddlebiddy - the sister of Nullarbors great cave Cocklebiddy
Hard work - nice dive!

Location: in the middle of the forest - you need to know. Or know somebody who knows.

Maximum depth: ~ 15 meter

Certification level CDAA: Penetration Diver

Accessibility/ Entrance: hard

Permission: Forestry, SA

Time Slot: arranged by CDAA/ Forestry

Cave Structure: very nice cave, small and steep dry area. Big tunnel leading straigt to the end for few hundred meters. Very clear, good visibility. Nice clay blocks, white walls make it a "friendly cave".

Our Dive: Main line diving. Easy.

Specials: You must bring a tripod and abseiling gear or wire ladder. Good to have one extra person for assistance.

Watch the video of the cave Iddlebiddy!

Idlebiddy, entrance

Idlebiddy, ready...

cave begins

nice mirror...

end is close...

Idlebiddy, clayblocks


Idlebiddy, main tunnel

Idlebiddy, main tunnel



Idlebiddy, clayblocks