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oxy-doc's hot spots

Cave Diving - Overview

Here you can choose our favorite cave diving spots. For better navigation you find them sorted by countries.

Ressel, Cave Diving Lot 2013

Frankreich 2013, Lot
Bahamas;Abaco Dans Cave, Cascade room

Bahamas 2012 and 2013, Abaco
Molnar Janos

Hungary - Budapest 2011

North Spain 2009
Australia, Nullarbor Plain, Weebubbie Cave

Australia Cave Diving - Nullarbor Plain 2008
Australia Cave Diving

SA Australia Cave Diving 2007/ 08
Sistema Naharon

Mexico - Yucatan 2000-2010
Peacock Springs

USA - Florida 2005/2006
Dahab Blue Hole

Egypt - Cave Ras Mamlach,
Nacional Park Abu Galum 2006
Source du Planey

France/ Jura 2003
Grotta Giusti

Italy, Grotta Giusti 1998- history!
Dom Rep

Dom Rep 1999

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