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What is oxy doc?


Germany, Oli and Gitti with the Sentinel Rebreather

Australia, Nettlebed Cave, Brigitte

Australia, Weebubbie Cave, Oliver

Florida, Eagles Nest


oxy doc is a concept that was founded by Brigitte Bergmann and Oliver Mueller.

The idea is simple: as you plan more exciting and distant adventures with your diving, the more important becomes local knowledge. We are happy to offer advice to divers who wish to travel with their diving, and share the benefit of our experience. We would like to network with other divers and are happy to answer your questions!

*** a big THANK YOU to our australian friends *** and un saludo a Madrid!




Brigitte Bergmann

Born in 1964, diving since 1991.
Brigitte is an opera singer when not diving! She operated a cave diving centre in Mexico for several years, and was an instructor (PADI-OWSI, Intro Cave and PATD Adv Nitrox). Her passion is cave-, trimix- and CCR diving. She is also the cinematographer in the team.




Oliver Mueller

Born in 1968, diving since 1993. As a student Oliver worked as a dive guide in Turkey (SSI DiveCon). Now as an anesthesiologist in Berlin, diving remains more than just a hobby. Oliver is the senior physician in Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine (Berliner Klinikum im Friedrichshain), where a 24-hour emergency hyperbaric service is offered. He also works as an emergency physician for the Berlin Medical Rescue Service. Oli is Full Cave, Trimix and CCR certified.




André Bergmann

Born 1984, diving since 1996. Growing up with Brigitte as your mother, Andre has always been around diving! Now he is a full member of the Oxy Doc team and a reliable buddy in all situations. As a computer scientists he is also makes a good webmaster ;-) Andre is Full Cave and Trimix qualified.