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Mallorca 2014- a special birthday present
Cueva del Drac, Balearic Islands


France June 2013 - Cave Diving Lot - a traditional European cave diving destination!


France Lot


Sweden 2013 - Iron Mine "Tuna Hästberg" - Provinz Dalarna - 4 days diving May 2013


Tuna Hästberg


Iceland 2012- Diving tour to the land of trolls and elfes, 1500 kilometer landscape, peoples, puffins, kelp and geologie!:
Þingvellir- National Park, at the Geothermal Chimneys Akureyri "Strytan", at the Polar Circle at Grimsey and in the volcano lakes "Askja and Hverahlið"


Bahamas 2012/ 2013- Abaco Cave Diving "Treasure of the Caribbean"

Excursions 2011:

CCR dives at the pristine reefs of Indonesia, on board of the MV "Pindito" and Komodo land excursions. August 2011

Cave dives in the dark, hidden heart of Budapest, the Cave "Molnar Janos" July 2011.

Our Dive Log - actual CCR training and fun dives between 6 and 60 Meters.