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Cave Diving Australia

Discovered 1991...

Location: in the middle of the forest - you need to know. Or know somebody who knows. Close to Pines and Stinging Nettle.

Maximum depth: ~ 28 meter

Certification level CDAA: Penetration Diver

Accessibility/ Entrance: locked with a metal lid

Permission: Forestry, SA, key from LNVC, MG

Time Slot: arranged by CDAA/ Forestry

Cave Structure: very nice, pristine and fragile cave. Lots of fossils in the ceiling and the walls. Smaller chamber, followed by big chamber through a restriction. Permanent line (split line)

Our Dive: Main line diving. Easy. We used side mounts.

Specials: Discovered 1991 by Grant Pearce.

Watch the video of the cave Nettlebed!

Nettlebed, overview

Nettlebed, entrance

Nettlebed, abalone shell

Nettlebed, first chamber

Nettlebed, restriction to 2nd chamber

Nettlebed, 2nd chamber

Nettlebed, syncarid

Nettlebed, 2nd cham

Nettlebed, entrance pond

Nettlebed, entrance marks

Nettlebed, alien remnants

Nettlebed, more fossils

Nettlebed, in the restriction

Nettlebed, way out

Nettlebed, abalone shell

Nettlebed, Gitti in the main pond